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Four Brighton Burger Bureau Agents set out on our inaugural Burger tasting mission, Hove Place our chosen destination after having seen a rather mouthwatering promotional pic on Facebook and having never been to Hove Place we thought it was worth a look. We set out on a Friday lunchtime. 


A clean burger on a sunny day, in a hidden gem of a pub garden in Hove. 

If you wanted to find a burger that truly represented Hove, Hove Place delivers.  Well presented & tidy, this burger wins no ‘dirty burger’ points, but it’s what you’d expect from this well presented & tidy pub tucked away with a well presented & tidy garden.. All the Hove boxes ticked. 

The burger arrived dressed in a basis sesame seed bun, garnished with generous proportions of tomato, cheese & pickles. Despite a limited amount of sauce, the tomato & pickles, in addition to a slightly pink medium-cooked patty resulted in the burger being less dry than the outward appearance.  A very functional & pleasant burger. 


It was pretty quiet when we arrived, a nice venue. In this sweltering summer it was nice to see they had a great garden area we could eat in. We ordered promptly, at £14 for the burger and fries it wasn’t cheap. We were expecting good things from the supposed Wagyu Beef Burgers. 

When it arrived it looked great but alas another burger with no flavour (yes I’m looking at you Coggings). Meat overcooked to a rubbery well done when medium was asked for and no meaty, beefy burger flavour at all. Don’t know what the Wagyu beef was supposed to add apart from cost as it certainly didn’t add to the flavour.


A very basic burger using apparently smoked Mozzarella (again no flavour and FFS mozzarella is the blandest of bland cheeses to start with). No sauces on the burger and charging fairly premium prices for a burger at £14. If the mozz, tomato and rocket was supposed to be a nod to Italy I would have preferred some wild garlic pesto. Some stinky drippy Italian blue cheese and intense garlicky sun dried tomatoes. To put this imposter into context Hawksmoor charge only £4 more for their supreme Big Matt Meal which which also includes a drink. 

Bugbears: had to ask for condiments – FFS bring them in a tray like all the good places. Instead of disappearing for ages and returning with tiny white individual petri dishes. I suppose this customer attention enables the inflated price. 

Burgers aren’t an easy option. Do some research, go to the states, taste what you cook and redo.


Pretty underwhelming stuff really. Our individual Agent scorecards can be seen below. Some of these Agents can be really harsh!
Hove Place Hasburglar Scores Brightons Best Burgers
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Hove Place Phil Scores Brightons Best Burgers
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