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Agents Hasburglar and Big ‘Mac’ Dave headed under the bridge in search of the Troll today. Heres what we found.


Had been looking forward to trying a Trollburger for quite sometime. I’d had one previously at Street Diner which was a ball ache to eat as it just fell to pieces. Thankfully, now that you Troll has a few tables to sit at outside and serves his burgers up on some metal trays, eating is made a lot easier. It is however still completely filthy, just look at my sticky paws in the pics above. Scraping up the leftovers was a real joy.


I thought I would add my updated thoughts about Trolls offerings. Definitely one of the best in town. The specials are particularly good, in fact the specials are really all I ever go for. The use of seasonal ingredients sets him apart in Brighton. Things such as asparagus and crispy kale often make an appearance which were surprisingly good in a burger.


But for me their has been one burger that has stood out from the rest. The Black Heart. This is the best burger I have eaten in Brighton. An Ox Heart Patty (please don’t be put of buy the sound of heart,have seen in the past he hasn’t sold out when featuring these patties) is one of the best I have tried. Its filthy!


Combined with candied black pudding (double filth) and the afore mentioned crispy kale and the various other elements it was just off the charts. 

Literally everyone of Trolls specials hits the mark! His scores definitely needed adjusting. He now sits 3rd!!!!


Street food with style, Troll brings class to dining on the go. 

The wood-shack eatery that is Trollburger conjures images of the hipster & grunge side of Brighton. If you took a moment to imagine who might run this, you’d be spot on.. Street tables & wooden cutlery are a nice touch, the burger combinations reflect an incredible level of skill. This is someone whose taken great care to think of the whole experience. 

The paper lined metal tray was necessary to provide a stable base for the generous layer of chilli garnish.  The chilli & patty complimented each other perfectly… all too often the chilli overpowers all the other flavours. The cheese provided the tang necessary to complete an excellent burger.  The chips crisped with duck fat complimented one the dirtiest wet burgers you’re likely to find. 


This burger is another level of amazing. When you read some of the ingredients and hesitate to what they are (what the fudge is daikon?!) do not fear, all these components  have been added to create the perfect burger!

Easily my favourite burger in Brighton and was genuinely sad when I finished my last bite! A must try!


My first trip to see the Troll was a tad stressful in that I’d just got my son to sleep in his buggy for the first time in ages, and when I got to the shack, he’d just popped out to pick something up! Luckily, he was back within a few minutes and I managed to get my order in before my son woke.


I went for The Druid – beef patty, wild garlic mayonnaise, pickled daikon, salad, and I added some St. Giles cheese. Troll puts so much into every element of each of his creations and you can really taste the quality of the ingredients. The patty is superb in flavour and texture. A touch salty for me but coupled with the wild garlic mayo, other toppings, and the toasted bun makes for a pretty flawless all round experience.

“DAMN, that is a tasty burger!”


For me, Troll Burger is hands down the best burger I’ve personally eaten. I remember the first time I ever ate it, a poor student who decided to treat myself to a valentines special succubus burger where £2 of the proceeds go to a suicide prevention charity.


What I’m about to say may sound dramatic but I don’t care, that burger changed my life. My mind was blown. I couldn’t stop talking about it for the rest of the week. The burger that all other burgers were now compared to.

Since then I’ve only had Troll a few times, mostly because I’m trying to eat less meat. But each time has been just as good.


The meat is of such a high quality, it hold more flavour than any other beef I’ve ever eaten (although I’m sure all the salt helps enhance that, I’m not complaining at all).
The buns are really good, soft, but they don’t stand out as anything special to me like that of lost soul and humble plates. So therefore lost a few points.

The big winner after the patty itself is the care and attention he puts into his extras and sauces. Every sauce is bursting with flavour and everything compliments each other so well. When there’s cheese it’s locally sauced, high quality stuff just like all his ingredients.

I’ve always said he’s a magician when it comes to making the perfect burgers and I stand by that to this day.


I love his duck and heart specials. They definitely need a big shout out too. And the fact that he’s always creating. Always making up new magical combinations and every single one that I’ve tried, he manages to pull off to an unreal degree.


To summarise Trollburger is packing a serious punch and as one of the originals on the Brighton Burger scene he’s still holding his own. Looking forward to going back and trying some of his more seasonal burgers. He’s going to be hard to topple from his current place at the top of our leaderboard. Either way he’s going to be there or there abouts.

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