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Burger Brothers, its been too long since we last visited. We had been looking forward to going back for quite some time. Finally we got there. Heres what we thought:


Burger Brothers was one of my first experiences into the gourmet burger scene. I blame them for getting me hooked on all things burgery!

The first bite of a BB Burger is always a joy. Their relish is one of the best around and something that always sticks in my mind. I have had better patties from there in the past (I like mine super pink). This one was a tad over for me but still great. Their baps are a thing of beauty. One my personal faves in the city, just the right amount of structure and not chewy in the slightest. Delicious! They have a great range of extras in terms of sauces and different types of cheese and meats from their charcuterie. The mild chilli is also great and a special mention to the blue cheese sauce! The service is also always tip top. They are just a couple of cool guys doing there thing and always chat away. 

Only place BB fall down really is their famous lack of sides (‘WE DON’T DO CHIPS’ announce the stickers around the shop front). Which is fair enough I guess as it means the burgers are so good. I really think they are missing a trick here. In fact the only side they do really are milkshakes which are nothing more than ok. 

I must apologise for the crappy photos we took on our last visit. They really don’t do the burgers justice. In fact I’d go as far to say that these are my faves in town!


The service leaves a nice taste in your mouth, the burger could be forgiven for being the lesser part of the experience. 

What can be said about one of the most reviewed burger establishments in the country.  The service is second to none, the burgers might occasionally tie second on a photo finish… but will more often be walking home with the gold. 

The double classic with hot chili & extra cheese is a good reminder to not buy a burger when you’re hungry (one of the issues with not having sides). One of the issues with double burgers is when patty’s formed for a single burger are just layered on each other vs being thinned slightly.. This was a dirty burger, but a bit of a struggle to eat, some deconstruction later & the burger was finished.  The acidity of the hot chilli was slightly dominating, I’ll definitely be selecting the single with medium chilli in future. 


Burger Brothers scored the highest score so far from Agent Hasburglar, and I think they’d be top of the pile had Agent Big ‘Mac’ Dave hadn’t given it the billy big nuts and gone for the hot chilli. Well deserving of their title of best burger in Brighton. A must visit…just be careful with the hot chilli, unless you are Satan himself!

Burger Brothers Hasburglar Scores Brightons Best Burgers
Burger Brothers Hasburglar Scores Brightons Best Burgers
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