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The Mash Tun and Burger Kulthttp://www.burgerkult.co.uk/ were our destination today. Three hungry agents once again set out on their quest to find that mythical centurion. Will today be the day we find Brightons best burger? 


I skipped breakfast this morning making sure i was suitable hungry for todays burger outing. Todays destination has one of the most extensive menus around town so we were pretty excited to try them. 

I didn’t realise until we arrived that fries were included with your burger. A nice surprise and provided great value for money. The chilli jam that came with the fries was delicious and was scoffed in record time. They actually do a great range of dips and extras. 

The Burger Kult burger its self was tasty, although mine annoyingly wasn’t as pink as the others but the blue cheese was great. The meat juices dripping out of my burger were also a joy to behold. The bun was nice but seemed quite large. Everything served on a standard tray with paper sheet and plastic cup of fries. I really don’t get why places don’t get a bit of cool branding on their paper linings, looks so much better and more on point. 

Thats a small gripe though and all in all a great lunch in the sun. Will defo be back for more of their comprehensive list of offerings. 


One of the most extensive burger menu’s, executed seamlessly. 

I know the menu is excellent when it takes a while to choose, rechoose choose again before being put on the spot to finally make a decision.  The quality of the food matches the menu, adding to the experience of what is already one of the best outside seating areas in the city. 

Being a fan of the chili burger, I finally selected the Death Jam (chili, bacon & bourbon jam). This was a good choice, a medium-dirty burger (extra napkins required!)  I usually love the medium-rare patty. This burger would have been close to perfect with extra char to cut through the sweet of the jam. I’ll be ordering the patty burnt-to-a-crisp next time! You can’t go wrong with skinny fries & a generous portion was cooked to perfection. 


Mmmm they look great. Great Burger Kult burgers I thought that live up to the hype; well made, very juicy and some good flavour combinations. Very good value with fries included in the price. I could taste the beef although with some of the flavour combinations this might mask the flavour. Would definitely try again.


With such a large range of equally tasty sounding burgers, Burger Kult is somewhere that you will be back to time and time again. Literally every one sounds great, and the 3 different burgers we tried all were. That combined with a cool location and friendly staff make this a place that definitely needs to go on your burger hit list.

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