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The Joker and Lost Boys Chicken was our destination this lunchtime for our first chicken outing. Agents Hasburglar and Big ‘Mac’ Dave reporting for duty. 


I have always liked the Joker as a pub, even more so when the Orange Buffalo opened in the kitchen there. Since then the Orange Buffalo has re-branded as Lost Boys Chicken (I think one of the original guys went onto other things). Happily they are still doing some excellent chicken (although I do miss the Ruben sandwich they used to do. 

The main burger menu is pretty simple, with two chicken options, a veggie and a vegan option. The sides are where the Lost Boys really smash it. Lets not forget their famous chicken wings which I have to say are some of the best I have tasted. I love how crispy the chicken burger patties were, although like Agent Big ‘Mac’ Dave I found the orange spice sauce a bit runny to be in a burger. The bun I also found a bit much, not on par with a lot of the bun options around town. There are also not that many extra options, basically sauce or an extra patty. 

Other  than those minor gripes everything else was great, from the service to the the sides. Special mention to the tatter tots and blue cheese sauce. A real highlight for me the branded paper inlays. I now it may sound silly but it just looks so much cooler and is a simple touch that lifts the look fo your food. Look at how colourful and inviting the food looks in the pics. Great stuff. Real filthy to eat too, would have had a 10 from me on that front but we weren’t given the kitchen roll at first, we had to ask for it, something that filthy could do with wet wipes also. 


Full disclosure: The Lost Boys chicken wings are my favourite guilty pleasure in the city. 

If I lived locally, The Joker would be my local.  Great staff, good selection of beer, comfortable seating & the kicker that The Lost Boys have taken over the kitchen, serving my favourite chicken wings with the best selection of sauces in the city. 

I swapped my usual favourite order for the Buffalo burger. I’m not a fan of sauce when it’s too hot, but the Rufio sauce has a good balance of fruit & heat, complimented well with the blue cheese side that comes with the wings.  The chicken patty was the usual quality that I’m used to, but I did find the sauce was too thin for use in a burger, I wondered whether the sauce could have been converted into a thicker relish.  I also found the bun to be quite heavy for a delicate meat like chicken.  These minor distractions were more than compensated by the well-seasoned curly fries & a the newly discovered Tatter Tots.  All told, a very good chicken burger and sides worthy of their place towards the top of the chart. I’ll be back. 


Considering I rarely go for the chicken option, I was amazed how much I enjoyed Lost Boys Chicken. In fact I think you will be hard pushed to find a better chicken burger in the city. With a vast array of tasty sides to accompany your meal and located in one of Brightons coolest pubs. You can soon see why they sit joint top of our leader board. 

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