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Today Patty & Bun was our destination for a lunchtime treat. Agents Hasburglar and Big ‘Mac’ Dave are on the case. 


This was my third visit to Patty & Bun since it opened. Each time I have really enjoyed it. Today was no exception, especially with a lunch time offer of £5 burgers….HELLO!!! 


With Agent Big ‘Mac’ Dave hovering along side me, we ordered an assortment of sides (of which there are a plenty) and a Smokey Robinson Burger for myself. The food arrived as promptly as the order was taken but a very personable chap. We dove straight in. My burger was pink as requested (medium rare) and whilst tasty I prefer a bit of char to the outside of my burger. The bun was also a simple brioche that held up well and was again tasty without setting the world alight. There weren’t many additional extras you could have added to your burger though which was a shame. 


Where Patty & Bun does smash it out of the park though is with their sides! Stealing the show was the PFC boneless chicken thighs. Oh my, possible the tastiest chicken I have ever eaten, literally sooooo good. The skin looked soggy at first and I wasn’t too excited but once I’d tasted it I was hooked. So crispy, so tasty. A must have if you come here. I could eat them all day. The cheese balls were great too, and even though i have had the chicken skin chips tasting better here before they were still nice. I have tried all of the sides now on different occasions and literally everyone is great.

Also worth a mention was the fact that the had cooked one too many burgers for someone else. They very kindly gave it to us free of charge. Great service all round really. 

Patty & Bun seems like another Meat Liquor rip off, and I guess they are pretty similar. The only big difference I can see (apart from the slightly less mental decor that Meat Liquor has) is that Patty & Bun’s sides smash the back out of Meat Liquors. Either would be a good place for a boozy afternoon though. Next time we will have to try the cocktails. 


Average expectations kicked into touch by an outstanding meal.

It’s understandable to have lower expectations of a chain burger store. Cooking with a formula is never likely to have the same result as a master of his grill craft.  Patty & Bun was a pleasant surprise, with a few surprise bonus rounds.

I ordered the ‘Smokey Robinson’ Burger well done: Caramelised Onions, Bacon, Ketchup, Smokey P&B Mayo were the core garnishes in this burger. With a great selection of sides, we decided to share chips (with roast chicken mayo & chicken skin salt), cheese balls with hot sauce, PFC (we’ll come back to this later)..

One criticism I’ve had of Patty & Bun in the past is how ‘wet’ the burgers can be when you come to unfold the wrapper, this burger did not suffer that same fate.  The Smokey Robinson was well proportioned, seasoned & complimented superbly by the garnishes.  A definite ‘go-back-for’.


I felt the chips were slightly overdone & didn’t get any sense of a ‘chicken’ flavor, I certainly wouldn’t have known it was ‘roast chicken mayo’ if I hadn’t just copied the text from the menu!.

The cheese balls were ok. On presentation & taste, it felt like these were cooked from a bulk frozen bag & could have been purchased anywhere.

Last, but by no means least.. The ‘PFC’ – Boneless Fried Chicken Thighs With Chilli Butter & Pickled Red Chillies.  Oh-my-goodness… crispy chicken skin on a juicy boneless thigh, I’ve never had chicken that good, I would pay to learn how to cook chicken that way!!  It was a shame about the pickled red chillies, I had a vinegary taste in my mouth for the rest of the day, but those thighs!!!!

It was a great meal with the chicken thighs taking pride of place.  The only slightly sour taste(apart from the vinegar) is that I felt the drinks & sides were slightly overpriced.   If the pricing was right, this would have smashed the charts.


Considering we came here for the burgers but left remembering the sides, may say something about Patty & Buns burgers. Don’t get me wrong, they are good, but the sides, as Tony the Tiger once said, are grrrrrreat!! We will definitely be back.

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