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So is 7Bone Burger Co. Brightons best burger? Agents Hasburglar and Big ‘Mac’ Dave are on the case. 


I have been to 7Bone twice before, and to be frank, have been massively underwhelmed. Once was on its opening day so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. So I was keeping my fingers crossed that things had improved over the last few months as I have friends who absolutely rave about 7Bone. Alas, I am still not one of them.

Its never a good start when you sit their waiting for what seems like an age to have your order taken, whilst the staff sit there on their laptop at the bar. It wasn’t even busy. The service has always been pretty dreadful whenever I have been here, but again I have had friends who say they were waited on hand and foot so maybe I have just been unlucky.

First the high points. The pecan milkshake I had was great. The smaller intro sides (tater tots, pork rinds and 7bfc wings) were tasty, although I wasn’t a fan of the buttery dip that came with the tater tots. The pork rinds whilst delicious, aren’t particularly great value. £2.75 for about 6 crisps. Could do with a few more. 

I opted for a Triple-B burger as I love my blue cheese. When it arrived I at first thought they had given me a slider, it looked tiny. When I took a bite finally a blue cheese burger with a strong taste of blue cheese. So often we have found that the blue cheese sauces are a bit creamy and lightweight but this was a proper slab of blue cheese. Good stuff. 

The patty itself, although slightly pink (I prefer it pinker) I have always found to be a bit dry at 7Bone. Where were the dribbling juices etc? This is something I have found on each visit. Not a massive fan of these patties. 

I also found the bun passed me by too, not bad but no wow factor. 

There are a large selection of sides on offer at 7Bone, we opted for a side of ‘Portswood Poutine’ which consists of fries covered with braised beef and cheese curd with a rich gravy. This was better than the first time I tried it on opening day which was really watery. Now it did feel a bit over seasoned and kind of dried my mouth out eating it. 

Overall we left feeling rather disappointed with our 7Bone experience which I am gutted about as its the closest to my house. Unfortunately I don’t think I will be making a 4th visit anytime soon. 


Average expectations confirmed with below average service & a side of average burger.

12:45 – I receive the expected call from Special Agent Hasburgular, he’s at this week’s burger establishment 15mins early (as usual) to sneak a pre-meal shake & starters.

“do I want anything ordered?”

“just a diet coke”

12:55 – it’s a miracle, I found a parking space within 100 yards – today’s review is off to a good start!!

13:05 – I’m sitting down with the Hasburgular, table empty – has he really eaten & the table cleared in that time!?

“no-one’s been to take my order yet”

…. 8 people in restaurant, 2 people serving…

13:10 – we’re still chatting, no-one has taken our order yet.  One of the servers behind bar, one playing on laptop.

13:15 – we’re still chatting, no-one has taken our order yet.  One of the servers still behind bar, one still playing on laptop.

13:16 – Now I’m concerned that I’ve only got an hour’s parking on the car + the Hasburgular is starting to repeat himself. I get up to enquire with the server on the laptop whether this is a self-service establishment?

13:18 – someone finally comes over to take our order!

13:18 (+ a few seconds) – I think we know where the 7Bone review is heading…

I will give a fair assessment. We ordered all the starters, they’re ok, hugely overpriced. 6 pork rinds for £2.75. I ordered the 12oz Ronald’ Revenge – well done. The patty was well charred, possibly too well done for most people, but I enjoyed it as a difference to the ‘well done’ patty that typically arrives, remainder of the burger was average at best, white onion seemed to be missing – or in such short supply that it could not be found.

I went to 7Bone when it first opened & service was a shambles & the food wasn’t great.  I arrived with average expectations hoping for something better than my last experience & left disappointed.


Bang average food combined this with terrible service. Its not like this is the first time this has happened either. We went when it opened and it was bad. I (Agent Hasburglar) went another time and it was marginally better. This third, and I am sorry to say, last time we will go is still flying on a level plain of averageness. Shame really?

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