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So is Meat Liquor home to Brightons best burger? Agents Hasburglar and Filet-O-Phil are on the case. 


Its been a while since I have been to Meat Liquor. When it originally opened in September 2013 it was kind of the new cool kid on the block. Its style has had a lot of imitators since with places like Patty & Bun and 7Bone having very similar set ups. Meat Liquor is definitely the cooler place to hang out though of those examples. 

It also seemed to coincide with the whole regeneration of the London Road area. To be fair London Road is still a shit hole but it does have its fair share of cool pubs and restaurants these days. 

So how does the Godfather of this current burger craze shape up with the competition in the thriving Brighton burger scene? In short, not too badly at all. 

Dead Hippie Burger

I only ever go for the Dead Hippie at Meat Liquor as I am just in love with that sauce. Its always lathered on and keeps everything most. To be fair I was so hungry I I literally inhaled my burger. I like that its pretty simple, nice chunk of gherkin, cheese and of course that sauce. The patty its self may not have the depth of flavour that some other places do but its still a good burger.

Turkey Cheesesteak

As its Christmas we decided to share one of the Christmas Burgers. In hindsight we probably chose badly as while the cranberry and dripping camembert was delicious the turkey itself felt a bit Bernard Mathews and the bun was like some supermarket hotdog bun that was on the verge of being a tad stale. Agent Filet-O-Phil was a big fan though.

Having decided against attempting the 3 Chilli Challenge (we are so going back for this…why aren’t there more food challenge places in Brighton?) we instead opted for the Chilli Cheese Fries. We were told they weren’t that hot but they felt pretty hot to me. Definitely numbed the mouth and the toilet roll was definitely put in the fridge upon arriving at home. 

Meat Liquor whilst not being mind blowing in any particular area (dead hippie sauce aside) is just pretty solid across the board. A much more expansive menu these days than i remember it being. You know you will always get a decent burger here, if not have your mind blown.


Dead Hippie Burger

I have been a fan of Meat Liquor since they opened their first London enterprise and started the ‘dirty burger’ trend. They know what they are doing and the place (London Road Brighton) was packed on a Friday lunchtime. I’ve been to the London Road Brighton branch a couple of times and have always been impressed. Their burgers (or the ones I prefer) are always cooked a perfect medium rare and are messy as hell.

Burger: The Dead Hippie which I suppose is Meat Liquor’s answer to the Big Mac but there the similarities end. The Dead Hippie is a burger lovers dream; juicy, beefy, saucy, messy; just an excellent burger. The bun is great – does a great job of holding a double burger and much sauce without falling apart.

Loads of sides all reasonably priced. We went for the chilli cheese fries and they were excellent; hot but not too hot (Agent Haslerburger is a wimp!) masses of cheese and thin cut burger fries. Chillis were real chillis sliced and fried off beforehand not the pickled ones from a jar. And loads of them.

Presentation is typical (now everyone’s copied the ML style who copied the US style) metal trays, paper napkins, nothing too special, fits the ambience.

Turkey Cheesesteak

The turkey Cheesesteak was really a sandwich and as such can’t really be rated alongside a proper burger. There was stuffing on top and the turkey component was sliced turkey. Perfectly fine and with the gravy, melting camembert cheese and cranberry sauce was a messy burger lovers dream.

The bun was the disappointment – looked like one of their hot dog buns and as such didn’t feel or eat right as it was too soft and squidgy and felt a bit gooey in the mouth. Held thing together well enough though.

Extras on the Turkey cheesesteak were excellent – well loaded with melting camembert cheese, loads of turkey gravy and cranberry sauce and sprinkled with a mound of stuffing crumbles.

If I was offered this in a sandwich bar I’d be over the moon. How I would eat it outside of a place with whole rolls of kitchen towels to mop up the mess I’m not sure. Very good indeed.

Price was ok £15 for a (double) burger and loaded fries with a soft drink.

Value is great considering the venue, interior, friendly informative staff.

Would I go again – course I would!


A solid burger option. Pretty much on par with Patty & Bun in terms of food (although P&B’s sides take some beating) but way cooler in terms of vibe (think louder music and better options at the bar). Meat Liquor was one of the first, and it will probably be one of the last to be around on the Brighton burger scene. 

Meat Liquor Agent Hasburglar Brightons Best Burgers
Meat Liquor Agent Filet-O-Phil Brightons Best Burgers
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