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So is Humble Kitchen home to Brightons best burger? Agents Hasburglar and Big ‘Mac’ Dave are on the case. 


I’ll be honest, I hadn’t even heard of Humble Kitchen until chatting to a fellow Brighton based food blogger last weekend. Turns out they are located inside Bison Beer on North Road and as I’d fancied being nosey in their also it seems like a good choice for our next destination. Boy were we in for a treat!  

The venue itself has been done really nicely, warm and inviting and obviously being a pub has a great drinks selection, although as I was driving the diet Coke I ordered came in a tiny can which seemed a bit odd. Also as a side note they they also show sport here in the basement which I didn’t know. Great place to watch a game and munch on a burger. 


The Burger menu consisted of 4 beef options, one chicken and one veggie option. A great selection of extra additions were also on offer. Your standard cheese, bacon and patty but also beef shin and mac ‘n’ cheese. Beef shin! Wow thats a first. Also they had plain fries, truffle fries, cheeseburger fries and poutine fries. You had me a truffle! We opted for a Humble Burger, a Vote for Pedro Burger, Plain Jane fries and Truffle fries accompanied with a choice of 3 dips. We also had a last minute addition of the Korean Chicken Burger to share (more on that later).


After a short wait of about 15 mins or so our food arrived. First surprise, food was on an actual plate and a non tin bowl. Having been used to burgers served on trays etc of late this made a nice change. The food looked really good.

First thing that struck me was the unusual bun. Not your bog standard brioche that seems to be the norm these days. Turns out they are pretzel buns, which I had never tried before but were great. Denser than I usually like in a bun but they were a breath of fresh air and held everything together well. 

For me the patty was a bit well done for my liking (nowhere seems to be able to do the black and blue I love so much) but Agent Big ‘Mac’ Dave loves his that way and was very happy. I only scored the patty a 6 but Agent Big ‘Mac’ Dave gave it an 8.  The pickles were thinly sliced and delicious (they do their own pickling it turns out, so worth the effort) and the red onion jam was also great. Would of liked a bit more of the Bone Marrow & Garlic Butter though as it was tasty. 

The truffle fries were amazing, so flavoursome. The three dips were also tasty but they came in tiny paper cups. Would of liked a lot more. After we’d finished this lot we thought it would be rude not to try the chicken burger. What a decision that turned out to be!


This thing was so good it deserves its own section. I really dont know where to start it was that good. First off, its not that big, but as we’d already eaten a burger and fries each, half each of chicken was just perfect. The Chicken thigh was so juicy and the outside breadcrumbs were so light and crispy. It was a bit like the Patty & Bun PFC chicken side we raved about but in a bun (a pretzel bun to be exact).

Add to that a delicious crunchy kimchi slaw, more of the delicious thin sliced pickles and a fabulous Korean Hot Sauce and this thing was an absolute winner. In fact its the first 10 I have given to a chicken patty, or any patty for that matter (hence we added a point to our overall combined patty score). You simply have to go and try this, and at £7 for the best chicken burger in town that is great value. 

All of this combined with a warm and friendly service, I think we have a new king in town!


Where skill transforms simplicity into the extraordinary.

Humble Kitchen is located in Bison Beer Crafthouse… It’s a pub, it’s very hard to walk into any pub & feel unwelcome… that said, the staff at Bison are great, it’s nice to find yourself chatting to bar staff who are passionate about the food they sell as well as their craft beers.

It’s a narrow pub, I’m glad it was quiet when we got there as I can imagine it gets quite busy.

I ordered the ‘Vote for Pedro’ + the ‘Korean Chicken’ (to share!) with some fries.

Fries are generous, seems petty to skimp on something so cheap – but so many places do now..  Unsure about the special fry dips we ordered, they were a bit of a red-herring.


Let’s start with the bun…. In a world filled with brioche (I’m not a fan), Humble use what appears to be a pretzel bun dough… It was a chewy dough with a burger & it worked, very well!

The Vote for Pedro is not overflowing with extras.  It’s great to see someone brave enough to buck the trend of overstuffing a burger to the point of it being inedible without deconstructing, I’m seeing a few good places in the trend of overstuffing… probably to be seen to offer ‘more’ in a competitive market… the extras complemented the burger without overwhelming the other flavours. The gentle heat from the house pickled pickles was noticeable without being acidic. The patty was perfect for me, nicely flavoured, medium to well done.  Definitely one of the best burgers in town.


Next came the Korean Chicken…. After watching Agent Hasburglar licking his fingers for the last 10 mins, I decided that cutting the burger in half would be preferable….. the supplied knives are no match for the pretzel bun… pretzel bun 1 – knife 0… Agent Hasburglar sat in quiet disbelief while I massacred the burger into 2 pieces.

The crispy fried chicken thigh meat was amongst the best chicken I’ve tasted, the kimchi slaw was the perfect accompaniment – this is now the best chicken burger in town.

Maybe the massacring of the Korean Chicken added to the experience, who cares.  Kudos to Humble Plates for a great meal.


Considering we only heard about Humble Kitchen a few days ago we were blown away by their overall package. Nice surroundings, some different items on the menu (the pretzel buns are really quite different, apparently chosen from over 12 options), with some great extras and sides. Less is more here, keeping burgers well balanced. As Agent Big ‘Mac’ Dave pointed out, so many places add too many different elements to their burgers these days but Humble Kitchen keep it paired back.  Understated if you like. What they do include is lovingly crafted right down to the home pickled pickles. Maybe not as filthy as we would like, and pattys are more aimed to the well done crowd but great value for what you get and great service too. These guys are going to take some shifting from the top of the pile.

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