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So is Byron Brightons best burger? Agents Mr & Mrs Hasburglar and Agent Pennywise are on the case. 


The last time I went to Byron was a several years ago when I was freelancing in London (oh it might be worth mentioning that at present there isn’t a Byron in Brighton. Sorry we just expanded our horizons this weekend by drifting further afield. So technically). Back then the whole burger scene wasn’t in full flow like it is today. I think Meat Liquor had only just opened its first full restaurant. Byron was a much more civilised affair with proper plates rather than plastic trays. It was rather nice. It was good to see that it still follows a similar vibe. 


We were welcomed by a cheery lady who was only too happy to help and sat us all down after a bit of table manoeuvring onto a table of 5 (three adults two kids). We were all gasping so opted for a couple of their branded larger and a G&T which arrived soon after. It was a pleasant surprise to see chilled glasses arrive, and absolute heaven drinking that beer. It was so good. Mrs Hasburglar had a great looking G&T arrive also. Was a nice change from your usual burger joints and actually felt quite civilised. 


My go to burger whenever I came to Byron (I worked across the road from one for 3 months so tried a few) was the chilli cheese burger with a side of courgette fries. Its a simple burger really, american cheese, green chillies, lettuce and chipotle mayo.
Thats what I like about it. Too many burgers these days have too many elements. These flavour combos are perfect for me. Only downside was my burger was more medium than medium rare but it did have a nice char on it and the juices were flowing nicely. I demolished it in no time. 
The courgette fries are always a nice alternative to your standard fries. Dipped in the fantastic burger sauce we ordered on the side these were great. Not as heavenly as previous visits as they were a tad soggy inside but still enjoyable. 


It was also nice to see a selection of desserts for a change at a burger joint. So often this is an area that is overlooked completely. Unfortunately though the Oreo cheesecake I had, was a bit of an off the shelf underwhelming affair. Pleasant but nothing you cant buy in your local supermarket. Shame, could of really finished off the meal on a massive high.


This definitely wasn’t the cheapest meal we have had on this quest. In fact it was probably one of the priciest. However I am happy to pay that bit more for the chilled glass, excellent service that we received. The kids devoured their food. If it wasn’t for my slightly over done patty this would have been right up their for me. Definitely want to explore some more of what the London Burger scene has to offer. 


Its not often I get dragged along on Agent Hasburglars burger munching quest. Mainly because he then hounds me for weeks to send him my review. So apologies if this is brief. 
We had been plodding around all day with the kids so we gasping for a drink and some food and luckily Byron was nearby. So is Byron Brightons Best Burger 


When we arrived they happily moved a load of tables around so we could take over the outside terrace. Credit to the staff. They were great throughout the meal, really chatty and helpful. Nothing was too much trouble. Orders were taken promptly and the food and drinks arrived quickly. 


I ordered one of their gin & tonics which arrived along with a fabulous chilled glass. It was just what I needed after a long day.


The chicken burger arrived and it wasn’t what I was expecting, the chicken didn’t taste of much and the bun was not very nice either. It tasted a bit old. The chicken itself was really dry. I had to smother it with the fabulous burger sauce to get it down. I was a bit disappointed really. So  is Byron Brightons Best Burger? Not on this offering


The dessert was ok-ish although was fairly generic. If in London again I would not go back to the same place (there are too many others to try), although the boys really enjoyed their burgers and the kids also scoffed their Mac & Cheese and Chicken bites so maybe I just got unlucky with the chicken burger. 


Blimey twice in a week out with the BBB crew I am being spoiled. Thankfully Byron was a much more pleasant experience than Lucky Beach the other day. The beer was sensational. So light and chilled to perfection. I could of happily drank them all day. 
Service with a smile is always welcome. It came in abundance here. Think we had a couple of ladies serve us during our meal, each as enthusiastic and helpful as the other. Makes such a difference to a meal. Well done the Byron crew.
My burger was cooked to perfection. A bit pinker than Hasburglars much to his dismay. I really enjoyed the bun too. Held everything together perfectly. I liked the little addition of the flag in the top of the burger stating how it was cooked. Not seen that down in Brighton. I guess its more for the servers benefit but it added to the whole presentation of the food.


A special mention has to go to the Byron Sauce. It was friction unreal. We literally ordered it three times and then got a big tub to take home. It was heaven. I could of dipped my chip in that all day. 


This was not a cheap meal, but then again we were in London so what do you expect. It was probably pretty average in terms of price and value considering where we were (5 mins from Kensington). 
I really enjoyed this meal and it made a nice change from the Brighton burger scene. Looking forward to getting out on our next burger adventure!


So is Byron Brightons Best Burger? Well technically we weren’t in Brighton so no. All in all this was a great end to an exhausting day up in the big smoke. Its nice to have a more ‘civilised’ meal with actual plates and some really rather nice glasses. The whole plastic baskets and tin bowls thang were getting a bit old. It was also welcoming to finally have a burger that challenges towards the right end of our burger league pulling level with Trollburger & Lost Boys.
I know Byron aren’t currently located in Brighton (although I know there were rumours of them looking for a venue down here) but maybe its time we extended our reach. Hell we also managed to squeeze in The Woods Burger Kitchen this bank holiday over in Worthing (keep an eye out for their review soon).
There are so many great burger joints to explore in London, to the point where Byron barely gets a look in. On this evidence though you could do a lot worse than a Byron ‘Proper’ Hamburger. This was solid, helped with great service and some delicious beer to wash it down. Fingers crossed they decide to open up on the coast in B-Town. 
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