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So is Burger & Bird – Peacehaven, Brightons best burger? Agents Mr & Mrs Hasburglar are on the case. 


We had planned on heading to Seven Sisters for a bit of pre 3 Peak Challenge Training. On route however my attention was grabbed my the huge black monolith that is the Burger & Bird – Peacehaven building. To be honest I had forgotten all about it opening up in sunny Peacehaven. There was quite the buzz when it opened a few months back. Would it be able to pack the sort of punch that The Woods Burger Kitchen has in Worthing (who currently sit 2nd in our burger league)?

The walk ended up being binned and we were parked up at 11.30am (when it opens). Free parking out back people. A real bonus when heading to these out of town establishments. Fuck me Brighton is a dirty rip off these days. 


We walked in through the back entrance through the little outside eating terrace they have tucked away out there. The first thing that struck me was the size of the place. Its massive! One thing that annoyed me in somewhere like Honest Burger, is that you are literally on top of each other. No chance for a private conversation there. 
Here though I think they have the opposite problem. Its almost too big so the tables look a little lost. I am not sure how many covers they can do but I think it could benefit from a couple more tables in there. We were met by a cheery lady and chose to sit outside as it was sunny. 


You have to order at the bar, so in we trotted. The lady was very helpful explaining the menu to us. We opted for a Bacon Cheese Burger, with Salsa and Jalapeños. A naked Bacon Cheese Burger (which comes with salad & dressing), some chicken thighs for my son and sides of Fries, Corn on the cob and a side of chicken gravy!  A starter of chicken wings to share was also decided upon to get things going. There are non burger items on the menu and a few desserts but alas no milkshakes (Woods has me hooked on them).
We paid, and once again the joys of being out of Brighton meant that you didn’t have to remortgage to pay the bill. I think the food came to barely £30 (with drinks on top). I can spend that in McDonalds so was feeling rather chuffed about that. 


Our starter arrived, 3 wings brushed with mango and habenaro, with a side of blue cheese sauce and a few celery sticks. The first thing that struck me were how puny these wings were. They were minuscule. Must have come off a chick. These were polished off in literally 10 seconds. The sauce was tasty but the skin wasn’t very crispy which was a shame as because there was so little meat on them all you really got was the chewy skin texture. If you are ordering wings, just order double what you normally would. These left me craving Lost Boys Chicken Wings, who are still the best in town. 


A short while later out came the mains. The first thing I noticed was the wonderful char on the outside of my burger (could of done with some of that on the wings). Other elements all looked pretty standard though (lettuce, onion and pickles). Everything looked appetising so I dived right in.
The burger was indeed very tasty due to the char, if not a little overdone for me (no pink inside). The bacon was also really tasty. Strangely, I noticed my burger additions of salsa and jalapeños were in little dishes on the side rather than in the burger itself. So I quickly added them. 
Everything else in terms of garnish (including buns) all just felt a bit off the shelf. Nothing made them stand out. No home pickling, bog standard raw onions. To hit the lofty heights of the BBB League we like see a bit of craft. Home pickling, home made sauces (Troll spends a week making his chilli). Trailing of numerous buns until you find a truly unique one that sets you apart from the others (think Humbles Pretzel buns). Don’t get me wrong these were nice, just not ground breaking. 


The corn on the cob was again like a million other cobs I’ve tried in the past. One thing I absolutely loved are their fries!!! I thought these were delicious! Lathered in salt and vinegar, these were some of the best fries I have eaten in a long time. These, along with the char on my burger were the highlights for me. It was a good sized meal too (if we’d ordered more wings that is) and felt like real good value for money. 


Don’t expect any home made sauces here like the boys at Pig & Jacket (they have loaaaads). As far as I could tell pretty much everything was standard out of the bottle condiments (apart from the brushed sauces over the chicken). Maybe thats a necessary evil in a venue this size. I would love to see a house sauce though that you can add to your burger or squirt over your fries. Think that would really add something. 
All in all I enjoyed my meal at Burger & Bird – Peacehaven. They are pretty new to the Burger scene down here so may well be still finding their feet a tad. Which could explain my missing chicken gravy (I only realised once I had finished) and the missing bacon from Mrs Hasburglars meal. A few little additions/tweaks here and there would really elevate them. Is it the best burger in Brighton? Not yet. Is it the best burger in Peacehaven? Most probably. Definitely worth a visit if you are heading east.


So much for our supposed training. As soon as we drove past Burger & Bird Mr Hasburglar’s eyes lit up. 
Typically, due to his eagerness, we were the first to arrive. Being able to sit outside and park for free was a nice touch. As was the well priced menu. 
The glass of red wine I ordered wasn’t the best. Not a great house red, but it did the trick none the less. 
I ordered a naked Bacon Cheese Burger (which comes with salad & dressing). Alas the bacon didn’t actually arrive. Neither did the chicken gravy that we ordered (although we did forget we ordered that at the time so didn’t say anything).
Our son enjoyed his chicken bites and Hasburglar was raving about the fries. I sampled a bit of his bun (due to going naked ;0) and it was pretty standard stuff. 
That was pretty much my thoughts on the whole experience. Pretty standard stuff. It was a nice meal and was really good value for money without setting the world alight. A great addition to Peacehaven for sure, but I am not sure whether I would make the journey especially to go for lunch. Although if I was driving past again I would definitely go back. Wimpy finally has some competition. 


Burger & bird – Peacehaven, has all the ingredients to being right up there in our Burger League. Its not quite there yet, could really do with a few tweaks to make it slightly less generic (a banging house sauce would defo help, and chicken wings that don’t look tiny even if held in Jeremy Beadles little hand). A great addition to Peacehaven, I urge you to pop in and try it whenever you are passing. Mrs Hasburglar put it nicely, Wimpy finally has some competition. 
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