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So is Smashburger – Brighton, Brightons best burger? Agents Hasburglar & Big ‘Mac’ Dave are on the case. 


Its nice when a burger joint approaches you wanting you to try their burger offerings. Especially when they know we will be brutally honest. Shows they are confident in their product, and for one of the larger chains, Smashburgers product is very good.

Its an exciting time for Smashburger – Brighton at the moment. Being selected to take part in the recent National Burger Awards recently and undergoing a massive rebrand including a new menu (until the Coronavirus put everything on pause). We however were here to try their current menu.


Perhaps too big if you ask me. Agent Big ‘Mac’ Dave commented that it reminded him of the look and feel of a Harvester menu, which to their credit they agreed with. Its exactly what they are trying to get away from with the whole rebranding project. Our host Tara selected a few bits from across the menu for us to try which included A Triple Hot Triple Double Burger, Truffle Mushroom Swiss Signature Chicken, a Vegan option (which I forget the name of) Loaded Tater Tots, Smash Fries, a Cookies & Cream Milkshake and their Donut Dessert.


First to arrive was my incredible Cookies and Cream Milkshake. This was great, made with real cream and ice-cream. Probably the best shake I have had outside of Woods Burger Kitchen. They are filling though, I hoped i wouldn’t ruin my appetite ;0)


Sides highlight was definitely the loaded tater tots. They were great although would have preferred them to be a bit crispier. They were tasty though. I wasn’t over excited by the Smash Fries to be honest. Tossed in olive oil, rosemary and garlic, they were still pretty unexciting.
They reminded me of a poor man’s Honest Burger fry. I have tried their sweet potato fries on previous visits which I found more appealing. It’s also worth a mention I have also tried the Haystack Onions and friend pickles on previous occasions both of which received a big thumbs up. 


No not Agent Big ‘Mac’ Daves walk, but the glorious tasting Truffle Mushroom Swiss Signature Chicken. The beef version is my go-to Smashburger and the chicken was surprisingly good (I don’t usually go for non breadcrumbed chicken). Super tender succulent chicken and that truffle sauce is to die for. I could eat it all day long. 
The Triple Hot was also a nice burger with all the elements tasting fresh. The buns are a bit of a non-event, partially the vegan bun, which was pretty unpleasant. It’s not that the normal buns are bad, they just won’t stay with you long in the memory. 
The Vegan/Veggie burger I didn’t enjoy. I will admit to not being the most qualified person to rate vegan menus as I rarely opt for them. I have tried Patty & Buns fake meat burger though and that was really quite tasty. Interestingly Tara mentioned the veggie/vegan menu in particular was getting an overhaul. On this offering its probably a good thing. 


One thing I think is genuinely missing from most burger joints is any kind of dessert menu. No such problem here. They have the makings of a great dessert here. A donut filled with ice-cream, with a bloody great syringe of jam hanging out the top of it. The idea being you pump the jam into the donut and watch it ooze out. Great fun and a bit of theatrics to finish your meal.
Only slight bummer is that the quality of the donut isn’t the best, and i really think the donut would benefit from being made fresh (like everything else is to order) as a warm soft freshly made donut spilling out jam and ice-cream would be unreal!


I really enjoyed our time with Smash Burger. They genuinely seem interested in our opinion and they have a clear idea of where they want to be in terms of the burger market. They want to be up there with the likes of Patty & Bun and alike and realise they aren’t quite there yet. Their new menu, which hopefully we will get to try soon once this lockdown is over, I believe will go a long way to closing that gap. 
New clearer menus are coming. The incredible looking BBQ Brisket Smash (their National Burger Award Entry) is incoming, along with the Big Blue Sully (complete with blue cheese and onion jam, mac & cheese bites and pickled onion monster munch) and a Korean Hot look set to be hits. 
Smashburger – Brighton are where I would expect them to be in our league. Sitting just below the big boys in the gourmet burger world. With the new menu though I can see them creeping into the top ten. 


After reading Agent Ben Hasburgular’s dramatic prologue, monologue & epilogue (likely result of an excessive dabbling with the poppyseed buns again!!) review for Smashburger UK, I thought I’d take the opportunity to balance the equation:

Smashburger UK: Who? UK franchise of US chain.

Location: North Street, Brighton – not the best location.

Decor: Brick/tile/wire industrial – not a unique style.

First Impressions: Good/well laid out.

Meeting: Tara – Smashburger UK Marketing

First Impressions: good / well laid out.


• Triple Hot Triple Double Burger

Nice heat – rich meat – low filth – average bun = good burger

• Truffle Mushroom Swiss Signature Chicken

V.nice grilled chicken – great sauce – low/med filth – average bun = ‘a return for burger!’

• Vegan Classic Burger

WTF!? – scheduled for makeover = asap!!

• BBQ Loaded Tater Tots

Med/high dirty – worth a dabble any day of the week

• Smash Fries

Not quite right – average

• Cookies & Cream Milkshake (Agent Hasburgular’s)

Not sure how Agent Hasburgular got cream on his beard before the milkshake arrived!

• Brewgooder (mine)

OK, I like this… I’m unlikely to eat somewhere because of their corporate social responsibility (yawn..), but I would order a beer off their menu that supported good causes – 100% of profits go to ‘global clean water’ initiatives & the beer is good!

•Donut Dessert

Syringe in Donut – too Trainspotting for me – had to wrestle it out of Agent Hasburgulars hands when he tried mainlining jam straight into his jugular.

Having rejected ‘new man’ genes at an early age in order to retain more neanderthal characteristics, I must admit I always find it awkward to consciously review food in front of an audience. That said, the food was good & Smashburger are listening to their customers to keep improving. Definitely a venue to keep an eye on & one I’d go back to.


There is a lot to like at Smashburger – Brighton  and it’s definitely one to watch when we emerge from this lock down. Their new menu looks like being a definite upgrade (something that is seriously needed on the veggie/vegan side of things). Some of the new incoming burgers sound nuts and have us excited (monster munch in a burger? fuck yeah!). We really enjoyed meeting and chatting with them. They say their aim is to get to a similar level as the likes of Patty & Bun, we have a sneaky feeling they might just do that.
Brighton Burger Bureau Smash Burger Brightons Best Burgers
Brighton Burger Bureau Smash Burger Brightons Best Burgers
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