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So is Lost Soul Kitchen – Brighton, Brightons best burger? Agents Hasburglar and new recruits Ayla Eats, Foodie Brighton and Brighton Food Guide are on the case. 


I had the pleasure of trying Lost Soul Kitchen – Brighton Burgers back in December. We had been planning on taking the crew down and doing a proper review. For me they were so good when I had them literally fresh off the grill. I feel a bit sorry for the other guys who’s first tasting experience of them was via Uber Eats. This was always going to hinder the experience a tad.

For me though, this (bar Trolls Black Heart Burger) is the most exciting burger I have eaten this year.


For a start, EVERYTHING is made from scratch on site in the tiniest of kitchens. From the amazing potato bread buns, to the hand pickled extras to the delicious sauces. Literally everything. Not a single shelf bought item here and they have to be commended for that.


One thing that I have never really noticed when munching other offerings was the incredible aroma coming from my Char Siu Soul Burger once it arrived. It made my mouth water.

My patty was pink in the centre with a light char (would of liked more char personally), the bun is right up there with best on Brighton. The extras in the bun (pickled onions, gherkins and of course the star of the show the Char Sui pork) were delicious. The only thing I think the burger misses is a slight layer of texture somewhere in there. Something with a bit of crunch.

It does kind of ruin the appearance of a burger when its delivered wrapped in tin foil though. The most successful burger delivery packaging I have seen is by Humble Kitchen and Bluehouse BBQ. Perfect non-squished burgers every time.


You will hear the others moan about the fries. For them they were a bit on the soggy and expensive side (with the large portion of fondue or satay sauce included I don’t have an issue with the £6 charged). I am not a fan of crispy fries so for me these were perfect. For crispy fries fans though, I can tell you that I have eaten these in-house and they were not soggy in the slightest. Perhaps different delivery packaging (they come in a paper bag) might help?


I was so excited by the sound of the fondue (regular and blue cheese are available), even more so by being able to top it with pork belly. The pork belly was delicious but scarce in volume. The blue cheese fondue (which actually tasted of blue cheese, not like half of the blue cheese sauces around town) had a slight grainy texture, which I could have done without. The satay was also tasty but lukewarm on arrival.


Its important to remember that Lost Soul Kitchen had only been up and running on Uber Eats for a few days when we ordered. I can forgive a few hiccups here and there (Agent Foodie Brighton is less forgiving). I am sure any slight niggles will get ironed out over time.

For me though these are some seriously good burgers, particularly the Char Siu Soul Burger. They even have a Sunday Roast Burger which I can’t wait to try. Especially with a gravy dip on the side. Bare in mind these scores are based on delivered items so will always suffer a bit. When all this lockdown malarkey is over we will defo be back for a proper in-house review.

Like I said earlier, this bar Trolls Black Heart Burger, is the best burger I have tasted in Brighton this year. And I have tasted a lot!


After talking, planning and patiently waiting for Lost Soul Kitchen – Brighton to launch on Uber Eats, the day was finally here for a Saturday afternoon lockdown treat. We’d all been drooling over the menu for weeks so I was already pretty sure what I was going to get.

Out here trialling the plant based options on the menu, me and my girlfriend Ellie ordered a vegan fried chicken sandwich with Korean BBQ sauce and the Vegan BBQ Soul which is fake beef patty, caramelised onions, bbq hoisin duck, pickles and house vegan mayo, (we got it with no fake cheese). Finally we got a side of loaded chips with satay sauce. All to share of course; what else are girlfriends for? 

The Uber driver got a bit lost and was driving in the opposite direction to our flat for a while, but the food was still warm when it arrived. After a quick photo shoot it was time to dig in! 


The V BBQ Soul Burger: This was probably the highlight of the whole meal. If you’re not a fan of fake meat, don’t order this one because there is a lot of it. Luckily we are and we’re also big fans of sweet/savoury combo. Meaning this burger was right up our street. The ‘beef’ patty is really good, similar to a beyond burger, although I’m not sure if that’s what it was. There was a hint of smokiness helping mimic the meaty flavour. The sweetness of the sauce and caramelised onions along with the sharpness of the pickles and freshness of the slaw made it incredibly well balanced in terms of flavour. 

The biggest and most important thing you need to know about Lost Soul is that the buns on both burgers were just next level. I wanted to rate 9.5 but apparently that’s not allowed, so sadly they got rounded down to a 9 (Sorry LSK, blame Ben). Apparently they’re baked in house, the owner used to be a baker and damn does it show. So fluffy and fresh but with a nice bite to it too. It made every bite that little bit more enjoyable.

The Vegan Fried Chicken Sandwich: Like the meat version, this comes with a selection of different sauces, I’d asked Lost Soul earlier in the week what they recommend and they said their Korean BBQ sauce is really good. So that was a no brainer, I had to get it. The patty itself was decent, slightly different fake meat to the one in the soul burger, with a bit more flavour in the patty itself. It’s very big, and the crispy coating it really impressive.


The only downside for this one was the lack of the Korean BBQ sauce. I like my burgers saucy and messy and with the mayo and slaw I could barely taste the Korean BBQ. When I finally found it, it was tangy and sweet, but it was a struggle to taste it at all, which made the whole burger a little less exciting. 


Finally, the fries! We went for the satay loaded fries. These are the only vegan option for loaded fries, but you can also order curry sauce or gravy on the side. The satay sauce itself was delicious, very nutty, salty and with a hint of spice. It was also the perfect consistency for dipping. The chips were salty and the skin on gave them that extra added level of flavour.


Unfortunately that’s where the positives end for me here. The texture wasn’t quite there. Mostly soggy and slightly over cooked, just not worth the £6 I had to pay for them. £6 is a lot of money for loaded fries when they’re piled with extras and a meal in themselves. This was not the case here. If they’d been £4 I’d have no complaints. 

Overall I was really impressed and I can definitely recommend anyone on a vegetarian/plant based diet to go try Lost Soul. This is a seriously good burger and not one you could easily make yourself at home (like many out there.) I know we’ll be ordering from there again before the lockdown is over. 


Agent Hasburglar and I had been chatting for a while about meeting up to smash through The Coal Shed’s smokey buns, but then the world ended and suddenly remote reviews of burgers delivered by Uber Eats and Deliveroo were the only option…


I’d never had a burger delivered before. The idea of it sweating in someone’s bag on its way over to me always put me off but Agent Hasburglar had been hyping Lost Soul Kitchen – Brighton and roped Agents Ayla Eats, Brighton Food Guide and myself into trying their newly launched delivery offering.


I love fried chicken and tend to end up ordering chicken burgers no matter how many times I’ve been let down by them in the past. This time I decided to play it safe and go for the simplest, most classic beef option, The Dirty Soul – beef patty, cheese fondue, caramelised onions, house mayo, fresh pickles, dill pickle.


There seemed to be some kind of mix up with my order as the Uber Eats delivery driver said he got stuck waiting for the kitchen to cook something they’d forgotten. As a result, my order arrived pretty lukewarm and I had to reheat everything. They also forgot the pork belly I wanted to go on my fondue fries… gutted. On the flip side, they did remember the pot of gravy I ordered to dunk my burger in!

The burgers looked delicious and my wife and I couldn’t wait to get stuck in but sadly, it was all pretty underwhelming. The homemade potato and sesame bun was nice and light but the texture of the patty, fillings and bun together lacked any real contrast and blended in to a pretty mushy mouthful. Also, the fries were overcooked and soggy all at the same time.

My fears about burger delivery all came true and I’m not convinced I have the strength to go through it all again. This stuff just doesn’t travel well… or maybe I’m just bitter that they forgot my pork belly. Who knows.


If you are going to treat yourself to a burger, you need to do it properly and these guys have got you covered… you will not be disappointed with this.


Mammoth size burger with no fine for dignity when eating. All ingredients great apart from the truffle mayo was a little over powering for me- but if you love truffle, this is probs my right up your street! Every thing else was banging!
Would skip the fondu chips next time, clearly don’t travel well as were a bit soggy but can imagine they would be great to eat in. £6 was a little pricey for the portion size of chips and sauce, would be looking for more components with the chips to make it good value.


Not a meal for the calorie counter but definitely up there with one of the best burgers in Brighton! Highly recommend Lost Soul Kitchen – Brighton!



When I first tried Lost Soul Kitchen – Brighton’s burgers at the end of last year I was so excited. They were a breath of fresh air on the Brighton burger scene. Unusual flavours, home made everything (from the potato bread, pickles and sauces) and frankly a dream menu (fondu, gravy dips, and Sunday roast burgers). So much so that I have been singing their praises to all and sundry. I stand by that, the Char Siu Soul Burger is still one of my top 2 burgers this year.

Its unfortunate that with the current ongoing Corona situation the only way the others could get their first taste was via Uber Eats. This obviously led to a few issues in quality (mainly soggy fries, although I personally loved them). I have had their fries fresh and they weren’t soggy. Maybe they need to package them differently for delivery? I also think burgers travel better when not wrapped in tin foil (how Bluegrass BBQ and Humble Kitchen package theirs are perfect). 
They are still learning with the switch to delivery. I really think that if everyone had eaten them fresh in-house like I have had the pleasure of doing, you’d see a good 10% increase in scores. Maybe consider going to collect through their hatch rather than Uber Eating!
But however you get them, just make sure you do, you won’t be disappointed! 
Brighton Burger Bureau Lost Soul Kitchen Brightons Best Burgers
Brighton Burger Bureau Lost Soul Kitchen Brightons Best Burgers
Brighton Burger Bureau Lost Soul Kitchen Brightons Best Burgers
Brighton Burger Bureau Lost Soul Kitchen Brightons Best Burgers
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