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Agents Hasburglar, Ayla Eats, Brighton Foodie and B.F.G. had a cheeky Lockdown visit to Cracked @ Fika Brighton today. Hotly tipped as the best chicken burger in town right now. The BBB is on the case.


Cracked @ Fika Brighton (well Hove actually) has been making waves recently in the Brighton food scene. Rumors abound at the best tasting chicken burger Brighton had ever seen.


Turns out it goes by the name of ‘The Breakfast Bird’. Having tasted it, we are making it our mission to ensure that everyone has heard, about the bird.

3x The FUN

The Bird comes in a variety of forms depending on which specials might be on. The Katsu Curry version is particularly naughty, as is the Jerk Bird. The original probably just edges it though.

Fried Egg (Eggs are their game), free-range buttermilk fried chicken, smoked candied bacon, maple mayo, smoked cheese, Korean BBQ sauce & pickles. You can’t argue with that.


My only gripe initially was the bun wasn’t as mind blowing as the rest of the Bird. It was a bit cumbersome and when everything else was so dialled up, this was a bit of a distraction. Happily though they have now switched out the buns which can only be for the better.

I also tend to order extra Korean sauce as its just that good (and if I am totally honest, used a bit sparingly normally) *NOTE: Since writing this sauce levels have been increased. Happy Days!


But lets get down to the real star of the show. That bird. So juicy, so tasty and wrapped in the lightest of buttermilk coatings I have ever tasted. For me, the best in town right now. Yes, even better that Lostboys. Gives you an idea of just how good it is.


Also worth a note, is what a wonderful team they have down there. Some of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet. Nothing is too much trouble, always happy to chat. Service at its best. Bravo!

I’m so pleased they have thrived during lockdown. It really is a treat. Can’t wait to be able to sit back inside their funky little space. If you haven’t been it’s a great place to sit and chill.

And munch on a Breakfast Bird of course.


So I’m going to open with the fact that the fried chicken patty is the best I’ve ever eaten in a burger and well deserving of a 10. It’s crispy and juicy as hell without being too oily. And it definitely makes this whole burger something worth buying.


Personally, for me the rest of it isn’t anything mind blowing. It’s all really good but it didn’t wow me. The egg is a fun touch, and I loved the smokiness of the bacon, it added a lot of flavour to the rest of the burger. I wasn’t a big fan of the texture of the bacon because it was quite hard and chewy, which distracted from my satisfaction of the crispy chicken.

This may just have something to do with the fact that I haven’t eaten real bacon in about a year or two, so don’t trust my opinion on that one.


The buns good, but a little dry, they need some moisture adding, a quick steam on the grill would make all the difference. Although I understand that this isn’t as easy to do with a chicken burger.


The sauces were good but nothing special for me. I think I missed out on the Korean bbq sauce because mine only had maple mayo and some Tabasco. The Korean sauce may have made it a whole different experience!

The smoked cheese was absolutely delicious and a lot of it which was great. All in all a really really good chicken burger, but the extras and sauces could be a bit more exciting for me! (Sorry).

Also a big shout out to all their veggie option and their absolutely delicious sourdough toasties! I’ve had them a few times but I’m excited to try the rest of their menu!


Cracked (now part of FIKA) has been a favourite brunch option for a while now. Their fried egg sourdough sandwiches are full of delicious things like ’nduja, chimichurri, harissa aioli, candied bacon, tonkatsu sauce, and travel surprisingly well via Deliveroo & UberEats but fresh is best if you’re in the area.
The Breakfast Bird is my favourite thing on the menu: A sesame brioche bun packed with possibly the best buttermilk fried chicken in Brighton, fried egg, candied smoked bacon, maple mayo, smoked cheese, Korean BBQ sauce, and pickles. It’s as close to flawless as any chicken burger I’ve had.


This breakfast was everything and more. Thought I was going to feel savage for having such big burger first thing in the morning but it wasn’t the case at all.
The flavours completely complimented each other and the crispy texture of the chicken and softness of the bun plus everything in between were a match made in heaven. We had to skip lunch as we were still so satisfied from breakfast but by dinner I could have totally eaten it again!
Definitely one of the best breakfasts I have had in Brighton and a massive advocate of their sustainability proposition! Will 100% be going back.


So what is left to say about Cracked @ Fika Brighton that we haven’t already said? Not a lot really. Apart that is, that it’s not all about the Breakfast Bird, their other sandwiches and breakfast buns are mega too. The coffee from Backyard Coffee is a great accompaniment to wash it all down.

But I can’t lie; the Breakfast Bird in all its variants is what I always go back for. This is the best chicken burger in town! You can quote me on that.

So people of B-Town. Spread the word…. about the bird ;0)

It’s also worth a mention that they are part of the Eat Our Scheme in August! Half Price Birds! AMAZING!

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